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La'Kia Candle Co.


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Growing up my favorite sweet treat to eat was a “stroopwafel” meaning “syrup” “waffle”. A Dutch round waffle cookie filled with delicious caramel. This candle smells exactly like it! Imagine the smell of fresh waffle cones from your favorite ice cream shop. Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious notes of maple syrup, caramel, and pecans with our “Stroopwafel” candle.


Top: Orange Peel, Butter
Middle: Pumpkin
Base: Pecan, Vanilla, Maple, Caramel

How to use


Burn within sight
Keep away from flammable materials Keep out of reach of children and pets


Trim wick before burning about 5mm above wax before lighting to ensure even burning & prevent flame from becoming too large. Burn only on a stable,
heat resistant surface for no more than four hours at a time. Stop using when only 3/16" of wax remains. Do not move candle while burning or if wax is hot.


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Return policy

We hope you to love it, but if you need to make a return, breathe easy. Returns are always free and can be done in person or by mail. 

La’Kia candle co

is a luxury candle company founded with the idea of self care and making time for yourself. Our products are made with natural non toxic ingredients to insure the best quality. Whether it’s the smell of the Caribbean, something sweet and indulging, or something relaxing, we’ve got you covered.

  • Crackling Wooden Wick

    This wooden wick makes a “crackling” sound when Lit resembling a fire place

    so sit back and ReLax!

  • Eco-Friendly

    FSC Certified Wood • Eco-friendly • Clean burning

  • Wick Care

    Trim wick before burning about 5mm above wax before lighting

  • Apricot Creme

    Clean burning, biodegradable and natural. Renewable, vegan and non-toxic Skin-Safe: clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed